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Why use cardboard boxes when can you rent plastic moving bins at half the price?  Bin There Store That rents CLEAN and SANITIZED MOVING BINS that your stuff wants to be in! Whether you’re moving to a new place, business or project related move, BTST delivers the solution for you with our durable and reusable bins. We provide reusable plastic moving bins that allow you to focus on the task at hand–packing! Order our bins and we’ll deliver them right to your door.  Keep our bins as long as you need them and once you’re done we’ll pick them up!

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recycle HomeEASY MOVE

NO Building Boxes

Open lid. Put stuff in. Close lid when box is full. Repeat. No need for scissors, tape or assembly. Bin There Store That will walk you through the number of boxes you need, plus we’ll deliver right to your door and pick up from your new place.The perfect easy way to move.CTA Button 4 Home

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NO Wasting Boxes

Most cardboard packages can run you hundreds of dollars and once you’re done, you simply throw your money away on trash day. Why not rent our bins for roughly half the price and we pick them up after. Our plastic bins are durable the bottoms don’t fall out and stacking doesn’t crush them, just ask your movers.CTA Button 51 Home

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NO Brainer

No matter what end of the environmentally friendly spectrum you fall in, using 100% recyclable and reusable plastic moving bins takes no effort and is a no brainer. Plastic moving bins can be used at least 100x more than the average cardboard box. Simply put, you’re saving some green while being green.CTA Button 6 Home